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Wayne Perinchief to Lead Charge Against Silent Cole Simons

Wayne Perinchief helped bring about the lowest overall crime rate in five years. Cole Simons has done nothing. MP Simons has been in the house for years and hasn't proposed any ideas or solutions.

Last week, the Hon. Wayne Perinchief, Minister of National Security was announced as the Progressive Labour Party candidate for Smith's South. Supported by the Party Leader & Premier, the Hon. Paula A. Cox, JP, MP, and the Branch Chairman, Mr. Andre Place, Mr. Perinchief proudly spoke of his political career to date and of the PLP's achievements in government.

Mr. Perinchief has been a Member of Parliament since 1998, representing Pembroke West Central from 1998-2003 and then Pembroke Central since 2003. He has also served in Cabinet as the Minister of Community & Cultural Affairs. Prior to entering politics, Mr. Perinchief was a member of the Bermuda Police Service where he rose to the rank of Assistant Police Commissioner. He retired from the Bermuda Police Service in 1995 as the head of the Criminal Investigations Department.

As the Minister of National Security, Mr. Perinchief has been effective in striking the gentle balance between standing strong for Bermudians and providing an enabling environment for guest workers. The Ministry of National Security has responsibility for Public Safety and also Immigration matters.

In the upcoming general election, Mr. Perinchief will be contesting Smith's South for the first time. Challenge is something that Mr. Perinchief does not take lightly as in 1998, he (along with running mate the Hon. Neletha Butterfield) turned Pembroke West Central from a UBP stronghold to a PLP stronghold and have held their seats ever since.

The Progressive Labour Party is pleased to announce Mr. Perinchief as the candidate for Constituency 8, Smith's South. We encourage the residents of Smith's South to recognize the achievements of Mr. Perinchief and the Progressive Labour Party team and to support Team PLP on Election Day.

Minister Perinchief replaces the formerly announced Ms. Linda Merritt as Ms. Merritt withdrew her candidacy for personal reasons.

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Bob Richards: Wrong on Term Limits

Bob Richards just can't help himself while he and the OBA continue to deceive Bermudians.

Bob Richards' first fib is to say that the OBA doesn't support ending term limits. On 12 August 2011, the local media reported that the OBA would "end term limits" for certain work permit categories. That idea is unworkable and would be a disaster for Bermudians.

The Cayman Islands rejected it with one Caymanian opining that such a policy would make Caymanians second class citizens in their own country. The PLP is a party that stands strong for Bermudians and is committed to defending our opportunities.

Bob Richards' second fib is that he has other ideas to improve the economy. We've read his reply to the budget. His so called "ideas" aren't ideas at all. They are statements like "Providing effective budget support for the marketing of Bermuda to international business" and "Finding new investors for Bermuda tourism developments." That's not a policy. That's not an idea. That's what the PLP Government is already doing!

Bob Richards and the OBA can try to mislead the Bermudian people as much as they want, but, the truth is that their party has only offered to bring radical change to Bermuda that will put in place two Bermudas – one Bermuda that works for his Front Street friends and another Bermuda where the rest of Bermudians are left behind.

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Are You Feelin' It?

Craig Cannonier says that he feels the vibe. Who's he been hanging out with?

Bermudians aren't feeling the vibe. Maybe the people Craig Cannonier is hanging out with are. Watch the response to the OBA's recent ad:

Bermudians are looking for real relief from the high cost of living and for a party that stands up for Bermudians.

The OBA is all potato, no fish. They refuse to tell us their real plans for the country. Based on their rhetoric, all we can assume is that they are going to bring us rapid and fundamental change that will lock into place two Bermudas - one for the old and wealthy families that have always been in charge and another for everyone else.

Maybe that's the vibe Craig Cannonier is feeling.

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Hypocrisy Marks Opening of OBA Campaign

In his first speech before the House of Assembly, Craig Cannonier noted that he wouldn't play the race card to divide and manipulate Bermudians. Last night, he broke that pledge.

This is what Craig Cannonier said just a few months ago:

I refuse to use race as a tool to manipulate black people and exploit their fears.

This is what Craig Cannonier said last night.

If I look at the number of businesses that are dying, these are black businesses that I see dying daily.

Does this sound like playing the race card to you?

It's true that things are difficult, but, since 1998, black businesses have grown significantly! These opportunities for small business owners just didn't exist during the time that the UBP now OBA politicians were in charge.

Today's businesses benefit from programmes like the EEZ and tax cuts and job creation incentives that the PLP pursued to help these businesses thrive. And, in the last several months, we invested $274,000 in 35 small EEZ businesses to see them through these difficult economic times and protect jobs.

Would the UBP now OBA politicians have invested $274,000 in 35 small EEZ businesses?

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OBA Just Doesn't Get It

They have a fundamental misunderstanding of Bermuda's housing market and the need Bermudians have for affordable housing.

PLP Candidate for Constituency #9 Vance Campbell:

For the OBA to remark on Monday that the Government has entered into direct competition with private sector landlords through projects such as the 100 homes planned by WedCo, is misleading and, at best, demonstrates a lack of understanding of the dynamics of the local housing market. The market place does not provide sufficient housing to meet the needs of all of the families who are struggling to manage and contain the cost of providing themselves with affordable shelter. It is then left to the Government, through agencies such as WedCo and the Bermuda Housing Corporation, to fill this void. If the Government is fulfilling a need that is not being met by the market, how then, can it be in competition, direct or otherwise, with the landlords in the market?

Reflecting on his experience whilst at the Bermuda Housing Corporation, Mr. Campbell indicated that whilst some private sector landlords were willing to rent to the clients of the BHC many more were either not prepared to rent to them and/or were not prepared to lower their rents to meet the needs of this demographic. This reluctance, he believed, may be in part due to the notoriety of a minority of BHC clients which has made it difficult for the majority who are respectable tenants.

The 236 names (individuals and families) currently on the BHC waiting list are a testament to the fact that the market place is falling short on providing the housing required in this area. Many of these individuals and families are living in inadequate accommodations. Vance Campbell:

It would appear that, under the OBA, the housing plan for these individuals and families would be one that throws them into a market place that has historically failed them. Fundamentally, this is a question of values. The PLP has dramatically expanded the number of affordable housing units and introduced geared to income housing because we’re on the side of struggling Bermudians.

Hundreds of Bermudians are on the waiting list for affordable housing. And, it appears that the OBA has no plan to deal with them. We are going to provide better housing for our existing tenants and we have made a commitment to providing affordable options for rent and purchase.

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Weeks: OBA Misleading Bermudians

The UBP turned OBA opposition party wants you to believe that 45 houses would be built for $36 million. It's a blatant lie. We are building 100 houses for $36 million.

Minister Michael Weeks set the record straight:

While the OBA claimed that 45 houses would be built for $36 million, the actual number of units will be 100. In addition, the $36 million includes all costs associated with the project including architectural and planning costs, financing costs, infrastructure redevelopment (water and sewage) as well as the building of new units, and demolition and rebuilding of units at Victoria and Albert Rows. Phase one will consist of 48 units and phase 2 will consist of 52 units.

The OBA is also misleading in claiming that Government is paying for the development, when in fact WEDCO is securing all financing for this project directly on their balance sheet.

The OBA also claims that existing tenants will not be able to afford to buy the new units. This is inconsequential as the units will not be for sale. Existing WEDCO tenants and those on the BHC waiting list will be moving into the units that will only be for rent. In addition, if tenants are having difficulty paying rent there are existing means within Government to provide assistance.

Rents are set below market rates. The new project will also afford additional savings through energy efficiency and centralized infrastructure distribution for sewage and water.

There's more misinformation from an opposition who will oppose anything just so they can gain power. Minister Weeks:

While the OBA claims it would be more cost effective to renovate the existing units which it claims are ‘structurally sound and perfect for renovation’, there is no evidence to back up this statement. In actual fact, the units are plagued by termites, contain asbestos, have leaks in some roofs, and are overall in a very poor state of repair. To renovate the existing units would also entail evicting the tenants during the renovation period and alternative housing would have to be found for a minimum of six month.

In addition, the new homes and associated infrastructure work, including water and sewage treatment, embraces Government’s efforts to promote sustainable development across the island.

Perhaps if the OBA had come to me with their concerns I could have answered many of their questions rather than holding a press conference and disseminating mistruths and fabrications about this project that aims to help those in our society most in need of housing assistance. WEDCO is going to provide sustainable, affordable housing for the people of Bermuda and to turn this into a political football is shameful.

Termites. Leaks. Asbestos?! These are the units the OBA/UBP wants to renovate? This would be a disaster in the making! Not only would it be incredibly costly to address these core structural problems, but, it could potentially put workers dealing with the asbestos clean up at considerable health risk.

The UBP turned OBA is so desperate to obtain political power, that they will tell outright lies to the Bermudian public and suggest dangerous policies that would cause Bermudians to be displaced during the construction. This dangerous policy would put Bermudian workers at risk and cost the Bermudian taxpayer big money.

The PLP is committed to providing new, affordable housing for the residents of Victoria Row and Albert Row. We believe that this investment is worthwhile because it will improve the quality of life for our people.

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Tourism Board Involves Industry Stakeholders

First the UBP called for it and now the OBA are echoing their call for a Tourism Authority to involve tourism stakeholders in our tourism strategy. The problem is, we already have that. It's called the Tourism Board.

The Board includes a host of industry stakeholders, business stakeholders and union stakeholders.

They are meeting this weekend along with representatives of Tourism and Leisure Co., the company appointed to develop the National Tourism Plan and the advertising agency and public relations agencies representing Bermuda in the US and UK.

One major difference between our Tourism Board and their Tourism Authority is that the latter requires the Governor should appoint the members. We believe that Bermudians are plenty capable of identifying tourism stakeholders to be part of the strategy formulation process.

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Saying Anything to Get Elected -- Another Unpublished Royal Gazette Letter

It seems like the OBA/UBP will say anything to get elected - even if it means making ridiculous promises that would require a Constitutional Convention!

The latest unpublished letter points this out quite clearly:

Like with any election, candidates and parties make political promises, with the hope that enough of the electorate buy these promises as pathways to paradise.This current election is no different.

I have noticed a few promises made by the OBA, that at best raised my curiosity, and at worst has been revealed as almost undoable in according to our current constitution.Let me list them and you can let your ownselves be the judges

Fixed Term Elections

Supposedly changing our elections ot be in line with the US STYLE EVERY 4 years.

Expanding the voter base

To whom do they refer? Prisoners? PRC? Bermudians living abroad?

Recall of Mps

This as they put it would mean if 100 or so members of a constituency where not happy with their mp they can write a petition to attempt to have this MP removed.

None of these promises can even remotely be achieved without massive upheavals to our Constitution. This would involve addressing the UK parliament and numerous other bodies.
Essentially a Constitutional Conference. I don't recall the OBA making this clear to the electorate these issues cannot be passed in the House of Assembly.

I will be objective enough to allow them to reply .However as of late, for the most part the OBA have backed away when anyone challenges their positions with legitimate points.

Don't believe the bill of goods the OBA/UBP is selling you. They're just saying what they think you want to hear to gain power. Many of their policy recommendations are either already being implemented or completely unfeasible under our current Constitution.

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Think Piece: "We Can't Cut Our Way Out of Slump: We Must Create Jobs"

Like the Democrats vs. Republicans in the United States and the Tories vs. Labour in the UK, the election in Bermuda is between a right wing OBA and a sensible PLP.

The right wing philosophy of the OBA is clear. They call for bowing to the every demand of big business even if it is to the detriment of average Bermudians. They call for slashes in spending that will inevitably mean that programmes that matter to you will be gutted. If you like Mitt Romney and you like David Cameron, then, you'll love the UBP in OBA clothing!

In today's Bermuda Sun, Jason Hayward makes the case for investing in Bermuda in a must read piece:

The Government’s Department of Statistics recently released its annual Employment Briefs.

While it comes as no surprise that there was going to be a further reduction in the number of jobs, the figures were a stark reminder of the state the island is currently in and that something needs to be done sooner than later.

I have stated publicly before, and I’ll say it again — job creation is the only way for the economy to truly recover.

In the midst of the recession, private sector employers are reducing their staffing levels to become more efficient and increase profits.

While this may work for the international business sector, whose revenue is not derived locally, it is a recipe for disaster for local companies that receive their revenue from local consumer demand. We simply cannot cut our way out of a recession — we must create and preserve jobs locally.

The figures released from the Statistics Department show that the public administration sector (Government) is now Bermuda’s top employer, due to job declines in the international business sector. This shows that the Bermuda Government has either made a commitment to preserving jobs or it truly understands that cutting jobs is detrimental to Bermuda.

The Government has not cut jobs, even though the private sector has been calling for Government to reduce the size of the Civil Service.

My question to the private sector is, if Government were to cut a thousand jobs today, then what is next? How do we reemploy these people? How does an extra thousand workers unemployed help the economy?

I urge members of the public to be mindful of the consequences when making those loose suggestions.

The figures also highlight the fact that opportunities exist for unemployed Bermudians in a wide range of job categories that are occupied by a high percentage of non-Bermudians. The data shows that there are 8,374 jobs held by non-Bermudians, which is just over twenty-two per cent of the total jobs in the economy.

As Bermudians we truly need to apply ourselves so that we are considered by employers as employees of choice. We must be “RARE”:

Reliable — performing the promised service dependably and accurately;

Assuring — remaining knowledgeable and courteous, gaining trust and confidence;

Responsive — willing to help customers and provide prompt service;

Empathetic — being caring and paying individual attention to customers.

As employees it is critical that we play our part.

Additionally, Government must assist the unemployed by implementing strategies that will get individuals back to work.

I believe that in the short-term the Immigration policy of freezing work permits is an effective measure for certain job categories, but I also believe a larger long-term national strategy is needed.

I applaud the Government’s partnership with the Bermuda College for specialized job training, the proposed CISCO Academy, the Job Core initiative and all other job generating initiatives that they may have. And I encourage all to take full advantage of whatever opportunity that may exist that will lead to employment.

This is our philosophy. It's one that believes in investing in Bermuda and Bermudians during tough times. It's one that believes in protecting jobs. And, it's one that believes that a balanced approach is needed when it comes to dealing with business.

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8 Class 4 Insurers Valued at over $8 Billion Have Opened Since 2007

Bob Richards, Grant Gibbons and the rest of the OBA/UBP have been saying that international business will turn out the lights for over a decade. And, they just keep getting proven wrong.

Yesterday, it was announced that over the last five years, eight highly-capitalised reinsurers holding Class 4 licenses issued by the Bermuda Monetary Authority, have selected Bermuda as their domicile. These formations represent an aggregate of more than $8 billion in fresh capital dedicated to the Bermuda reinsurance industry, which is regarded as one of the top three reinsurance centres in the world.

Noting the formati0on of the latest company, PaCRe, Minister Wayne Furbert noted that it was a "strong vote of confidence in Bermuda." Minister Furbert:

The Government of Bermuda is pleased to have learned of the announcement by Validus Holdings, Ltd. of the capitalisation of a new Bermuda Class 4 reinsurer, PαCRe. This is yet another example of the confidence that the insurance industry has shown in Bermuda. Their investment continues to make Bermuda the jurisdiction of choice. The Government is determined to ensure that Bermuda is welcoming to international business, and that Bermuda is open to and open for business.

But, don't take our word for it. Ed Noonan, Chairman and CEO of Validus Holdings, Ltd., had this to say about Bermuda:

Bermuda's combination of strong regulatory oversight, receptivity to new companies and pre-eminence as the knowledge centre for global catastrophe risk has been critical to our success as a company and our ability to continue to grow and attract new investment capital to our business. Validus is proud of its excellent Bermudian employee base, and continues to see a bright future for International Business on the Island.

Did you hear that Doomsday Bob Richards?

Did you hear that Lights Out Grant Gibbons?

A real international business head sees "A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ON THE ISLAND!"

Since 1998, the UBP/OBA have been running around like chicken little telling us that the sky is falling. And, time and again, they are proven wrong.

Don't get us wrong -- the global economic recession is real and people are hurting. But, evidence like this demonstrates that the PLP Government has shepherded our ship through stormy waters.

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