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Paula Cox

Burgess is Acting PLP Leader

The Progressive Labour Party can confirm that the Hon. Paula A. Cox, has tendered her resignation as Party Leader effective immediately.

In the interim, the Hon. Derrick Burgess will serve as Acting Party Leader.

We thank Ms. Cox for her unwavering commitment, service and dedication to our country and Party.

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Watch this Before You Vote...

Premier Paula Cox makes the case for Bermudians to stand strong with the Progressive Labour Party in the December 17th general election.

Watch this before you go vote:

The polls are open from 8 am to 8 pm on Monday, December 17th.

You must show a commonwealth passport, a Bermuda driver's license, a Special Persons Card, Voters Identification Card or an employee identification card with a photo, signature and date of birth to vote. And you must be in line by 8 pm in order to cast your ballot. No excuses.

Find out where to vote tomorrow.

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Saturday: The Grand Finale!

Join us Saturday evening for a massive rally and blowout party at the Berkeley Institute Field!

The place to be on Saturday evening, December 15th is at The Berkeley Institute Field for the Progressive Labour Party's Grand Finale Rally at 7 PM!

Primarily featuring the Candidates from Constituencies 13 through 23, all candidates from the 36 constituencies will be in attendance and address the crowd.

The rally will culminate with an address that you won't want to miss from Party Leader & Premier the Hon. Paula Cox.

Come in your green outfits and show your support as we head toward election day on Monday, December 17th.

Following the rally, will be a Get Out the Vote Party featuring two of Bermuda's top dj's Selecta Fray and Presidential Elite. This party will go until 1am.

It's time to represent your PLP and come out and show your support! This is a not to be missed event!

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Friday: Lights On, Bermuda!

Are you ready to show your PLP Pride? I hope so, because tomorrow is LIGHTS ON, BERMUDA.

Stand strong for the party that is of the people, by the people and for the people by turning on your headlights while driving all day long. While you're lighting up Bermuda, your PLP candidates will be fanning out across the island painting Bermuda green. And on your way home from work today, stop by our HQ to pick up the party platform for your family and friends so that they are ready to light up Bermuda tomorrow, also.

So stand strong with us. Light up Bermuda tomorrow!

Plus, tonight is our women's forum. At 6 PM, I'll be at the National Sports Centre’s Cricket Pavilion with Renee Ming, Lovitta Foggo, Patrice Minors, Dawn Simmons and Kim Wilson.

We'll have an open and frank discussion to address everyday issues relevant to everyday women in Bermuda, including family, community, education, employment, safety, and empowerment. All are welcome and refreshments will be served. I hope to see you there!

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On Monday, Vote for the Party that Has Stood Strong for You

Today, Premier Paula Cox made a final call to voters to stand strong for the party that has stood strong for you.

Premier Paula Cox:

When you go to the polls on Monday, ask yourself which party has stood strong for Bermudians like you? We've gone through hard times. We've gone through the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression, but in times like these, we need leaders that have a heart for the people and who truly care about Bermudians like you.

The Premier went on to note that the PLP isn't perfect, but, that we have stood strong for Bermudians during the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression. Premier Cox:

The PLP may not be perfect - no one is. We are all human. But, what we have done is stand strong for our people and deliver real results that even our opponents are now praising.

FutureCare has provided affordable medication and doctor's visits for our seniors after a lifetime of hard work. We are the party that delivered FutureCare because we care about ALL our seniors - not just a select few.

When you go to the polls, ask yourself, who do you trust to protect your FutureCare - a PLP that created it? Or, an OBA that attacked it for years before flip flopping in a callous attempt to win votes?

The PLP has delivered the landmark DayCare initiative providing hundreds of working Bermudian families with child care assistance. This assistance helps our parents further their education, gain work experience and expand their skills. This is what standing strong for Bermudians during the midst of a global economic crisis is all about.

We are the party that protected jobs during the global economic downturn and we're the party that created the Economic Empowerment Zones to help in creating jobs and Bermudian owned small businesses in the areas that need the investment most. That's what creating opportunities and standing strong for Bermudians is all about.

She then noted that we have a vision for our future that includes building a fairer Bermuda that works for all our people. Premier Cox:

The PLP candidates require you to come out to vote on Monday December 17th and to choose the PLP. Then, with your support, we will continue to stand strong for Bermudians. Our mission is to continue creating an enabling environment for jobs. We will launch Job Corps Bermuda which will create jobs for our young people and provide them with training. We will open the One Stop Career Centre to make it easier for Bermudians to access jobs and we will roll out the red carpet, connecting returning college graduates with internship and mentoring opportunities.

We will expand the Incentives for Job Makers programme which ties immigration benefits to the creation and preservation of Bermudian jobs. And, we will continue to attract new international business. We will work with our local financial institutions and the Bermuda Stock Exchange to issue a bond and we will work to continue to advance our tourism product as laid out in the National Tourism Plan.

We will work to reduce the cost of living by expanding geared to income housing and work to develop a natural gas power plant that will lower your cost of electricity.

My fellow Bermudians, we have stood strong for you during tough times all around the world. We've done all of this because we care. We are deeply rooted in the community. We understand your values, your struggles and your needs. We are the party of the people and we put our confidence in you, the people of Bermuda.

She concluded by noting that we must not turn back the clock and embrace a cynically renamed UBP designed to gain power. Premier Cox:

On Monday, don't turn the clock back. Don't be fooled by their glitz, their attacks and their secret plan. Send them a message that we find it offensive when their consultant - uses terms like "black surrogates."

On Monday, ask yourself if you really trust an OBA that has promised an unelected Cuts & Pain Commission that will have to make deep and radical cuts to public education, jobs, benefits and much more if they hope to keep their promises.

My fellow Bermudians, this is the most important election since that historic day in November 1998. We must not turn back to the old UBP guard. I ask you to give us our confidence so that we can continue to make sure and steady progress that works for all our people.

On Monday, vote solidly PLP.

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Embracing Bermuda's Women

The Progressive Labour Party invites the women of Bermuda to “Embracing Bermuda’s Women”, an open and frank discussion to address everyday issues relevant to everyday women in Bermuda.

This event, to be held on Thursday, December 13, from 6 to 8pm, at the National Sports Centre’s Cricket Pavilion, will feature six highly regarded and respected women in the PLP Family.

Forming the panel will be Party Leader and Premier the Hon. Paula Cox; she will be joined by General Election Candidates, Renee Ming, Lovitta Foggo, Patrice Minors, Dawn Simmons and Kim Wilson.

Topics up for discussion will be the Family, Community, Education, Employment, Safety and Empowerment.

Refreshments will be served. You are encouraged to RSVP by email to

We hope to see Bermuda's women in attendance to participate in this discussion.

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Standing Strong for Our Young Talent

The Premier's Concert will be held this Saturday, December 8th at the Ruth Seaton James Centre for the Performing Arts and will showcase our young Bermudian talent.

Hosted each year by the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs this year will see entertainment which spans multiple artistic genres, including drama, music, dance and song.

Attendees will be treated to performances from ChewSLAM, Kioshi Burgess, the Dellwood Middle School Drama Team, Sandys Secondary Middle School Drumline, the Bermuda Squad and the Berkeley Institute Dance Programme to name a few.

The Premier, the Hon. Paula A. Cox JP, MP, saluted the young artists for their hard work, sacrifice and dedication, pointing out that she is looking forward to seeing the much touted performances from the students.

And the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Hon. Patrice K. Minors, who will formally open Saturday's concert said, "Bermuda is blessed with an abundance of gifted young people. This Government is committed to encouraging environments that foster growth and development for our youth because we believe in them and we recognize that they are our future."

The Premier's Concert was first introduced in December of 1985 by then Cultural Affairs Officer, Miss Ruth Thomas, MBE, JP, and it continues to be a significant event in Bermuda's artistic community.

According to the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, the Premier's Concert is one vehicle through which Bermuda's budding performing artists are showcased.

The Premier's Concert gets underway at 7.00 p.m.

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No Response from OBA on Debate Challenge Letter

The Progressive Labour Party is reiterating their support for a televised debate between Premier Paula Cox and OBA leader Craig Cannonier.

Minister Walter Roban, candidate for Constituency 15 and member of the PLP's debate Organizing Committee said, "On day one of the 2012 election, Mr. Cannonier asked for us to quote 'Bring it on.' In typical OBA fashion, one day they say "Bring it on," the next day they seem to be saying, "it's not on!"

Minister Roban continued, "Premier Paula Cox has consistently expressed her enthusiasm to compare the Progressive Labour Party's investment in our people and our 10 Point Plan for Growth with the ever changing positions of the OBA. We submitted our letter to the OBA on November 28, 2012 and so far they have not even done us the courtesy of acknowledging receipt. We hope that the OBA have not lost their enthusiasm for a debate and look forward to the opportunity to debate them on the issues."

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Celebrate Premier Cox's Birthday Tonight in Warwick!

You're cordially invited to a special town hall and birthday celebration for Premier Paula Cox tonight at 7 pm at St. Mary's Church Hall, Warwick. There will be cake!

Joining the Premier will be our Warwick Team:

  • Lawrence Scott (Constituency #24, Warwick South East)
  • Dale Butler (Constituency #25, Warwick North East)
  • Marc Bean (Constituency #26, Warwick South Central)
  • David Burch (Constituency #27, Warwick North Central)
  • Jonathan Smith (Constituency #28, Warwick West)

Come on out. Ask your candidates questions. And, celebrate Premier Cox's birthday! See you tonight.

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Premier Renews Debate Challenge to Craig Cannonier

Today, Premier Paula Cox reiterated her willingness to engage the OBA's Craig Cannonier in a debate.

"I'm ready, willing and able to discuss the pertinent issues of the day with Mr. Cannonier," noted Premier Paula Cox. "Our party has stood strong for Bermudians during the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression. We passed the landmark FutureCare initiative that helps our seniors with affordable doctor's visits and prescription drugs after a lifetime of hard work. We passed DayCare to help our working families. And, we are the ones who passed the EEZ which provides Bermudian owned businesses in the areas that need it most support.

"I'm looking forward to talking about our Ten Point Plan for Growth that includes the introduction of Job Corps Bermuda, the One Stop Career Center and the revitalisation of the Hamilton Waterfront. I'm looking forward to discussing the issues of the day in front of the entire country."

A PLP spokesman added, "Bermudians deserve to know where we stand on the issues. As we lay out our vision for Bermuda, we look forward to hearing how the OBA plans to increase spending, cut taxes, lower the debt and fund their $500 million program. The OBA's plans just don't add up and we look forward to the Premier challenging Mr. Cannonier on the OBA's real agenda."

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