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The Mid-Ocean Lies

Party Chairman David Burt released the following statement regarding the blatantly untrue story reported on the front page of today's Mid-Ocean News:

I find it curious that Today's Mid-Ocean News got wrong what its sister paper the Royal Gazette and dozens of international publications got right, that 3M is the contractor for the Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) System being implemented for the Transport Control Department.

Instead, this morning, the Mid-Ocean News printed on its front page that my company, GMD Consulting, was awarded a $2.4 million contract for the EVR system. This story is blatantly false and is an insult to me and the 5 hardworking Bermudians that I employ at GMD Consulting.

A simple phone call would have cleared the item up, but although the Mid-Ocean News saw fit to put my picture on the front page newspaper, it decided to call Senator Bob Richards for comment instead of calling me.

Though this is a calculated political attack using unnamed and unverified sources for which the Mid-Ocean is famous; It will only serve to reinforce the image in the community that the Mid-Ocean News cannot be trusted to report on matters with accuracy or fairness. To have my photo published without the courtesy of a phone call is an affront to responsible journalism and should be condemned by the community at large.

This morning the Mid-Ocean news will receive a letter from my company's lawyer insisting on a retraction of the story and a front page apology for its attempts to slander my name and the good name of my company. If that is not received I will pursue all legal options available to me against the Mid-Ocean News and the Reporter.

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