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Diallo Rabain Wins C13 By-Election

5 February 2016

Diallo Rabain has been sent to the House of Assembly following a 461 - 351 victory at the by-election in Constituency 13, Devonshire North Central. MP Rabain not only increased the margin of victory, but also saw a higher voter turnout than in the 2012 general election.

In what many expected to be an incredibly close result, former Senator Diallo Rabain came out with a resounding and decisive victory over the OBA at the by-election in constituency, Devonshire North Central, following the retirement from politics of Glenn Blakeney.

MP Rabain, who was supported on election day by his wife, the Opposition Leader, family and friends, emerged with a 110 vote margin of victory, over the 19 vote margin achieved by the PLP in the 2012 general election. With 461 - 351 to MP Rabain, this election also saw an increase in voter turnout than was seen in the general election, which is by no measure a usual occurance.

MP Rabain was well recieved by residents during the canvassing process before the election, and he is pleased to have their confidence to represent them as their member of parliament.

Opposition Leader, The Hon. Marc Bean, JP, MP, issued the following statement following the PLP's victory at the polls;

For the second time in two years Bermudians have been given the opportunity to let their voices be heard at the polls. And for the second time the OBA's candidate and the OBA's policies have been rejected.

With a 11 percentage point swing towards the PLP, it is clear that many Bermudians perceive the OBA as a government that has broken too many promises, been caught in too many deceptions and failed to produce their much promised 2000 jobs.

After three years the OBA have a record.

A record of doubling the debt that they promised to reduce
A record of losing nearly 2000 jobs instead of creating them
A record setting 48 year low in air arrivals

Yet the results in constituencies 33 and 13 were not just a rejection of the OBA's record of failure, broken promises, deceit and anti-Bermudian policies.  They were also a recognition that the PLP has grown and evolved since 2012.

Bermudians are recognizing that:

  • The PLP have learned from our mistakes of 14 years of government and become more humble since being rejected in 2012
  • The PLP have a plan that is real, attainable and focused on improving the conditions of all and not just the few and not just friends and family
  • The PLP are putting together a team with the ability, work ethic, integrity and will to make our plan a reality.

This victory for the PLP, despite continued assaults from the Royal Gazette and their surrogates, is a clear indication that the people of constituency 13 have not been swayed, and believe in the principles of good governance, social justice, and a Bermuda that works for Bermudians.

We thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing the process of earning your trust, sharing our ideas and laying in place the foundation of a Bermuda that truly works for Bermudians.