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Premier Dunkley's Response Misses Opportunity for Unity & Collaboration

"The response by Premier Dunkley is proof positive that he was only paying lip service to elevating the level of political discourse in this country.  The PLP believes that getting to the bottom of serious corruption allegations and protecting the reputation of our island home is more important than political point scoring.

We offered the One Bermuda Alliance the opportunity to come together with us and unite against corruption for a Bermuda that's reputation is as pristine as her people.  Instead of coming together, the Premier responded with anger and vitriol.  

The Premier's latest tirade may play well with his political base, but is it in the best interest of the country? We think not.

Why is the Premier so opposed to us coming together for the good of Bermuda and getting to the bottom of these serious corruption allegations?

Why is he acting like someone that has something to hide?

The people deserves a government that has a zero tolerance policy on corruption and that is more interested in protecting the reputation of our home than the reputation of three tarnished OBA MPs.

We urge the OBA to do the right thing, place the country first and come together with us and let's address these serious corruption allegations."

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