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The Premier's Hypocrisy

14 August 2015
Statement from Shadow National Security Minister Walter Roban
The Premier's Hypocrisy
"The Premier's comments in response to the OBA's failed attempt to execute a miscarriage of justice against our Leader are just what we have come to expect from a Premier that is out of touch and taking Bermuda in the wrong direction.

The same Premier Dunkley that yesterday tried to once again bend the truth and smear Marc Bean, has refused to talk about the serious allegations of corruption within his Cabinet and his Party.

The same Premier Dunkley that was quick off the mark to twist the facts surrounding this case has been strangely silent over the rape of a minor captured on film at our island's top historical, cultural and sporting event.

The same Premier Dunkley that found the time to gone on television to rant about how Bermudian he is, has been strangely silent over the recent shooting in Bailey's Bay.

The same Premier Dunkley who found time to lecture us about political language and conduct has never apologized for his profane and nasty remarks directed at Cindy Swan.

The same Premier Dunkley that says he wants to elevate political discourse stood silent when his OBA colleague MP Susanne Holshouser was berated and brought to tears for voting her conscience instead of with her Party.

When it comes to Premier Michael Dunkley, the pattern is clear.  On the real issues that matter to Bermudians, he has a tendency to disappear.  His latest pronouncement cannot conceal the fact that he has been AWOL on several key issues and lacks the moral authority to lecture Bermudians on any subject. 
We encourage the Premier to focus his energy in getting Bermudians back to work, diversifying our economy and expanding opportunity instead of twisting the truth and ducking the real issues."