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Standing Up for Bermudian Job Opportunities

The top priority of the PLP is to ensure that job opportunities are available for Bermudians. That means ensuring that a balanced immigration policy is pursued - one that ensures businesses have the workforce they need and one that ensures that Bermudians have opportunities to secure employment.

Minister Patrice Minors:

The Ministry's top priority is to get Bermudians who are unemployed back to work.

Surely those work permit holders who have been made redundant cannot expect to compete with Bermudians who have a legitimate expectation to obtain employment in their own country, particularly when the pool of jobs have been reduced.

In addition, this Government has consistently ensured that work permit holders are aware that they have no expectation to become long-term residents except in certain circumstances. This story should remind the public of the reason for term limits.

Guest workers know that a work permit is not a ticket to permanent residency, so, they should not be surprised if their work permits are not renewed.

We understand and respect the rights of our guest workers. But, we also believe that it is vital for government to protect the interests of Bermudians looking for work. That's a fundamental difference between us and the OBA/UBP. They believe that the best way to create jobs for Bermudians is to bring guest workers into Bermuda to take the jobs Bermudians could be doing. These guest workers often send much of their income off our island, taking money out of our economy. This also drives down the value of labour and makes good paying jobs even harder to come by. We believe in a balanced approach that balances the needs of businesses with the needs of Bermudians looking for work.

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