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PLP Calls on Royal Gazette to Improve Inappropriate Content Removal

Recently, The Royal Gazette removed multiple comments that called a PLP candidate who has dedicated his life to combating racism "a racist." Rolfe Commissiong has dedicated much of his professional career to combating racism.

He established the Bermuda Race Relations Initiative which hosted workshops, forums and facilitated island-wide discussion on the topic. Thousands of Bermudians of all races participated.

He helped produce a feature length documentary entitled the Big Conversation which highlighted efforts to address racism.

In 2001, he accompanied Dr. Roosevelt Karamakefego to South Africa as a delegate of the Pan African Movement to attend and participate in the World Conference against Racism organized and sponsored by the United Nations.

He helped make the landmark Mincy Study on the young black Bermudian male a reality. And, he's championed the implementation of it's initiatives such as Job Corps. This is a man whose life has been dedicated to combatting racism.

The Progressive Labour Party supports the removal of these comments, however, we hope going forward that the Royal Gazette pays a little closer attention to the comments that are made on their website. Mr Commissiong has worked with many in Bermuda on the Bermuda Race Relations Initiative and it is inexcusable that comments that are to the contrary were even allowed to make it to the internet. We would suggest The Royal Gazette institute a policy where comments to their website are moderated as to not cause harm to the integrity or character of individuals, due to peoples' misperceptions of them.

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