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Smith: Cannonier's Comments "Insulting"

The Progressive Labour Party takes great exception to recent remarks by OBA Leader, Craig Cannonier when he stated that “…It is very possible that white people have not supported the PLP in the past because the PLP has never made them feel welcome”,

It is obvious that Mr. Cannonier’s historic perspective of politics in Bermuda generally and the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party specifically is lacking.

Contrary to what Mr. Cannonier has stated, it is a fact that from its inception in 1963, membership in the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party has been open to all Bermudians. However, history has recorded that those whites who have openly supported the PLP have been ostracised by the white community.

While we find it inappropriate and unnecessary to name each and every white Bermudian who has been welcomed into the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party since it’s inception, we believe that it is important that we pause and recognise members like Mrs. Dorothy Thompson, Mrs. Doreen Lightbourn, former Tourism Minister, the late Mr.David Allen and certainly the late Dr. Barbara Ball who devoted her life to improving the lives of working class Bermudians.

The PLP believes that Senator Jonathan Smith says it best in response to the leader of the OBA when he remarks “As a white Bermudian who broke tradition and joined the PLP, I find Mr. Cannonier’s comments insulting. He claims that the PLP has no white support and that whites aren’t welcome. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

“Throughout Bermuda’s history, white Bermudians who were committed to social justice always gravitated to the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party. They have far more battle scars to show than I do, but I can say this: there is a sense of welcome and a sense of warmth. It is a liberating experience not to be shackled by the past and it is a privilege to be treated as an equal in the only Party with a track record of truly understanding what a social contract with the people really means.”

The PLP also believes that more and more, working and middle class white Bermudians are becoming increasingly disenchanted with an ineffective opposition who seem more interested in representing the interests of foreigners than standing up for Bermudian jobs.

In the next election, the Party believes, that we’re going to see a record number of working and middle class white Bermudians choosing the party that stands up for their economic interests – the Progressive Labour Party.

The Progressive Labour Party membership list consists of persons representing all walks of life in Bermuda. Our membership extends to all members of the public that would like to join our Party and work towards equality and social justice for all.

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