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Questions for Bob Richards

The UBP, aka the OBA, often exercises their opposition right to table questions for the Government that the government duly answers.

Unfortunately, the opposition is not held to the same requirement – to answer questions posed by Government. But, I’m sure that given Bob Richards and the UBP, aka the OBA, stated commitment to transparency, they will have no problem answering a few questions regarding his recent statement in Bernews.

In that statement, MP Richards made some vague comments regarding his party’s immigration stance. Unfortunately, they just weren’t detailed enough. The Bermudian public deserves to know where the opposition stands on key immigration matters.

After reading the article, we came away with several questions regarding his party’s policies regarding Bermudian status, land ownership and work permits. As such, we humbly table the following comments that we trust that Mr. Richards will promptly answer.

1) Under what conditions would you and your party grant Bermudian status to guest workers?
2) What would a work permit policy look like under your party’s government? Would you place any limitations on work permits? If so, what limits would you place? Be specific.
3) Do you agree with your party’s plank from their 2007 manifesto that would grant Bermudian status and land ownership rights for 8,000 guest workers?
4) Would you place any preconditions on granting guest work permits? If so, what are those preconditions? Be specific.
5) Would you allow guest workers to purchase land and property in Bermuda for personal use? If so, how much? What specific limits would you place on land ownership?

Bermuda wants the answers to these questions. We look forward to Mr. Richards’ prompt reply.

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