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Same People, Same Backers, Same Policies

The UBP must think the electorate are fools.

They actually believe that they can convince us that they're not the UBP by changing their name. How cynical. The truth is, the wolf can try on as many new sheep suits as it likes, but, it doesn't mean that it's not the wolf.

First, they called themselves the UBP. When that didn't work, a group of them split off and called themselves the BDA. Now, they're reuniting and calling themselves the OBA. All they doing is taking the same deck of cards, shuffling it a few times, and they're trying to sell it as a new deck.

There's nothing new about the OBA. It's made up of the same UBP MPs, funded by the same shadowy backers and beholden to the same discredited right wing ideas. It's just as new as 2003's new UBP.

The move is cynical. It isn't about principle. It's about power, plain and simple. The BDA was supposedly founded on principle. They attacked the UBP and said they should disband. Now, they're reuniting with the party that they split from. They're not reuniting because the UBP has changed. They haven't. They're reuniting because they think their little name changing charade will help them pull the wool over the voters' eyes and convince us that this reunion something "new" and "different."

The opposition's political game is not without its victims. Those grassroots supporters who truly believed that the Bermuda Democratic Alliance represented a better way were bamboozled. Many joined the BDA because it was not the UBP. They hoped to build something truly new and different. They were let down by a leadership that was more concerned with power than principle. We encourage those BDA activists disgusted by the UBP reunion to bring your energy and enthusiasm for building a better Bermuda to the Progressive Labour Party.

The UBP, or whatever they're calling themselves nowadays, should be ashamed. They could've attempted to win the hearts and minds of the electorate by presenting and tirelessly advocating for a progressive policy agenda that appeals to a majority of Bermudians. They didn't. They could've gone into communities across the country and really worked with people to build a better Bermuda. They didn't. Instead, they engaged in an immature political stunt they hope will confuse enough people to regain power. They took the easy way out. We will not be fooled because we know that no matter how many disguises they try on, they're still the same people with the same backers peddling the same failed policies.

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