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Government TV Controversy Continues

4 December 2007 | Bermuda Network News

The PLP has accused the Opposition of "flip-flopping" by reversing its stance on the controversial Government TV station.

In a statement released yesterday, the PLP claimed the Opposition had changed its mind after stating that it was in favour of "cultural and educational programming."

The PLP said: "Not only are they reversing course, but, they're haphazardly throwing out a new position which assumes that outlets such as ZBM, VSB and Fresh TV will carry programmes currently featured on Government TV. Has the UBP talked to these stations? Have they agreed to carry Government TV programming? If so, at what cost to the taxpayer? Will it cost more to run this programming an existing channels than it costs to run Government TV? All these questions deserve answers and it's clear that the UBP isn't pushing out a well thought policy - but, they're pushing out a politically motivated statement.

"Need we remind the Opposition Leader that he is currently waged in a boycott of CITV? Before the station even launched he told the country he and his party would boycott it. How can the UBP boycott the station while also being in support of the station's educational and cultural programming? Tonight CITV is showing a piece on a successful Government initiative called the Mirrors Program. Many will watch, but Michael Dunkley will boycott. It's too bad really;

"When it comes to Government education programming, the UBP has reversed positions within just a few months! With all this flip flopping - we don't really know where the UBP stands. And, as a result, you just can't trust the UBP to protect Government TV or educational programming." MORE! »