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Annual Exhibition Rumours Unfounded

Minister Glenn Blakeney addressed rumours concerning planned gang activity at the Annual Exhibition. He reassured the crowd that the rumours are unfounded and that he has full confidence that the Bermuda Police Service is putting the security measures in place to ensure that the event is safe. Minister Blakeney:

There are many rumours circulating the island concerning planned gang activity at the Annual Exhibition. These rumours are unfounded and serve only to incite panic and fear in members of the public. I have full confidence in the Bermuda Police Service as well as the security measures in place at the Annual Exhibition to ensure a safe environment for all. I encourage everyone who wants to come to the Exhibition to come with their children and enjoy a family fun day and to not worry about the unsubstantiated claims being circulated island wide via e-mail.

Minister Blakeney also appealed to members of the public to stop forwarding e-mails that do not come from official sources – the Bermuda Police Service or the Bermuda Government.

The exhibition was well attended today by primary school and nursery school children accompanied by parents and teachers. We encourage you to attend as well.

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