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Candidate Linda Merritt

Linda Merritt

Linda Merritt

Smith's South
Constituency #8


Veteran international business leadership and Emotional Intelligence coach, Ms. Linda A. Merritt, is highly respected for innovative development and implementation of solution based strategies within corporate and civic sectors in Bermuda and the US.   She has a pioneering spirit, and believes that adversity is a catalyst for advancing critical change and personal growth.

Ms. Merritt, a graduate of The Berkeley Institute, attended Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and continued her studies to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and Communications from Concordia University in Wisconsin. In addition, she has received insurance industry designations and certifications in the areas of group health, individual health and life.

Since returning to Bermuda in 2001, Ms. Merritt has served her community in various capacities. She has been the Vice Chairman of PRIDE Bermuda; Director & Officer of Cap-A-Laige, Ltd, which owns the Charities House in Paget; a past member of the Immigration Board; Chairman of the Air Advisory Committee; and Chairman of the Bermuda Health Council. She is also a former Secretary General of the Progressive Labour Party.

Appointed Chairman of the Bermuda Health Council in 2008, Ms Merritt committed her academic achievements and credentials in business administration and communication to positively influence and encourage non-linear thinking to move others into becoming change agents.

Ms. Merritt believes that commitment to constructive, productive change 'beyond' the boardrooms of
Bermuda moves to assisting progressive communities, who create the synergies necessary to catapult
communities and the island of Bermuda.

She is an avid global philanthropist with private contributions and services extending to organizations in Bermuda, Jamaica, Africa and southern USA.

Ms. Merritt believes her legacy will be a dedication to instilling balance, strength and stability toward stronger communities for the benefit of Bermuda's future heirs. She recognizes and encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to always consider evaluating personal inventory and commit towards establishing a collective catalyst for positive change in Bermuda.

Ms Merritt believes that this takes a worldview of personal assessment and evaluation, a sense of duty to your island home and compassion for others. These attributes are of great value to building success in the home and community.

Ms. Merritt is an attendee of Richard Allen A.M.E. Church and is the mother of one son, Kareem.