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St George's Candidates Speak Out About Area Neglect

St. George's Candidates Speak Out About Area Neglect

PLP candidates for St. Georges are today expressing concern at what they are describing as "neglect," on the Wellington Back Road area.

PLP Candidate for Constituency #2 Kim Swan said, "Despite being highlighted by the OBA in the leadup to the last election, to date, little attention has been shown to the Wellington Back Road area where vegetation & shrubbery overgrowth on the railway trail and former golf course has made the area unsightly and a prime target for illegal dumping. In addition, the once golf clubhouse area on the boundary of constituency #1 & #2 remains an eyesore and is on the doorstep of seniors who live in the nearby Anchorage Apartments."
PLP Candidate for Constituency #1 Senator Renee Ming remarked, "Many of the residents we talk to in this area are deeply concerned at how this area has been neglected and worry that while it is already impacting on their quality of life it may also affect property values. We want to highlight these concerns and do our part to address them as quickly as possible,"

Kim Swan added, "This matter has been reported to both the Parks Department and Works and Engineering with the hope that there will be a clean up and clearing out in the first instance and the area being placed on a regular maintenance timetable."

Senator Ming concluded, "This, like so many other issues requires leadership and action. For too long when it comes to issues that matter in the East End, whether its unemployment, pathways to status, attempts to shut down Lamb Foggo, crime in the Old Town or illegal dumping, there has been silence from those paid by the taxpayer to provide leadership and a voice to the people. St. George's deserves better. We will continue to ensure that St. George's is represented and that there is a voice for the people who live and call the east end home."

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Congratulations to Bahamian Opposition on their Landslide Victory

PLP Statement: Congratulations to Bahamian Opposition on their Landslide Victory

The winds of change are blowing across the Caribbean.

In December in the Turks & Caicos Islands, the Opposition People’s Democratic Movement (PDM)
won a convincing victory and Premier Rufus Ewing lost his seat. And, just last week in the Bahamas, the Opposition Free National Movement (FNM) won a landslide victory with Prime Minister Perry Christie losing a seat which he held for nearly 40 years. The PLP conveys congratulations to the FNM for their stunning victory.

In both elections, governing parties were vexed with struggling economies and immigration concerns. Here in Bermuda, we see those same issues mirrored as the divide between the wealthy and the working class grows considerably under an OBA government.

The OBA failed to deliver their promised 2,000 new jobs for Bermudians. They broke their promises to emphasise public education and job training. And, by doing so, they made the gap between the two Bermudas grow even wider.

Bermudians know that Bermuda can do better than they’re doing under the OBA. We are confident that the winds of change will blow across Bermuda when the failed minority OBA government chooses to stop stalling and take it to the people by calling a general election.

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Ernest Peets Announcement Remarks


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Good afternoon to the members of the media, PLP executive, party members and branch executive from Constituency 10 and all our gathered supporters.

The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party is an organisation whose membership is made up of a wealth of talented individuals from all walks of life. From lawyers to teachers, from bus drivers to entrepreneurs, from artists to doctors. What they all have in common is a commitment to a just, equitable and fair Bermuda; one that puts the needs of the many ahead of the wants of the few.
One of those individuals is Dr. Ernest Peets Jr. who I am pleased to introduce as the PLP’s chosen candidate for the next general election in Constituency 10 – Smith’s North.

Dr. Peets is a Certified Family Therapist, and an internationally certified Addiction and Drug Counselor. He has worked in a variety of human services environments including Corrections, Probation & Parole, Drug Treatment Court, and Therapeutic Communities (TC) where he honed his addiction and recovery skills. The PLP is committed to reforming drug treatment programs and dual diagnosis services in the penal system and Dr. Peets’ experience is an asset to us all.

Dr. Peets private practice work at The Counselling Center focuses on family related work, specifically pre-marital, family counselling, divorce recovery and co-parenting. As he and his wife Julie admirably raise four children, his passion for our community is ever evident in his work.
Dr. Peets commitment to our collective and individual physical and mental wellbeing is matched by that of spiritual matters. Dr. Peets is also the Pastor of New Life Church of the Nazarene, a post he assumed in 1999. He is an experienced therapist, a recently published author, also an Adjunct Professor at Nazarene Bible College in Santa Cruz in Trinidad & Tobago, where he teaches graduate level courses in Advanced Counselling Skills.

More recently, Dr. Peets has joined the multi-disciplinary team at Child & Adolescent Services as a Family Therapist. Dr. Peets is also a Professional Member of the American Counselors Association, and the American Psychological Association. A Sandys Secondary graduate, Dr. Peets holds a BA in Business from Howard University, an M-Div. from Nazarene Theological Seminary and his Doctorate in Marriage & Family Therapy from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Dr. Peets has made quite the impression on the party and me personally through his energetic and enthusiastic involvement in party matters and contributions to making the PLP’s Vision 2025 plan work for all of Bermuda. I am convinced that this commitment will continue as he represents all the people of Smith’s North with integrity.

Simply put, Dr. Peets represents the best of Bermuda. He is a man who has chosen to commit his life to improve the lives of others.

I proudly present Dr. Ernest Peets as the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party’s candidate for Constituency 10.


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Good morning to the party leader Mr. David Burt, to party members present, and to the media. Thank you for being here today. I am pleased to be accompanied by my wife, my family and some of my closest supporters.

I am grateful to the Progressive Labour Party and to our Party Leader for their faith and confidence in me. I care deeply about my country, and my community, and I am excited about the opportunity to represent the needs of the people of Smith’s North, and to lend my expertise to the party and to the political arena.

For those of you that don’t know me very well, you’ll find me to action-oriented, committed, open minded and accessible.

I have enjoyed a long career in human services. As such, I am well aware of the challenges facing regular Bermudians.

Socially, our country has lost some of the fabric that has held Bermuda together. In my professional capacities, I have seen the erosion of some of the core values that bonded together our community. It is time to get back to basics and to identify the root causes of the anti-social behaviors plaguing our communities. I believe with my training and background that I am well versed and well trained to be an asset in the recovery, not just of individuals, but of our entire community. A community divided, a community made up of 2 Bermudas, is a community that will not prosper.

I am new to political service but I knew when I saw my mother pepper sprayed on December 2nd, that was the moment I knew I could no longer sit on the sidelines. I could no longer watch as Bermuda slipped back to an era we thought long lost, where the privileged few wielded power over the rest of us to prosecute those standing up for Bermuda, to persecute those exercising their rights, and to exert violence upon them when they do so. I’ve found in my work and my life, that sometimes it takes an awful incident for us to truly realize the dire state of our collective situation.

In the PLP’s Reply to the Throne Speech, we spoke about Bermuda’s problem with substance abuse and addiction. With more and more of our family and friends falling victim to this disease, we all must do a better job of aiding those who wish to break the hold addiction has on them.
I look forward to being a part of a PLP government who pledge to re-evaluate the services available those struggling with addiction and/or alcohol abuse and one that is committed to providing much needed dual diagnosis services.

I plan to canvass the residents of Smith's North from loyal hill in the west all the way to Shelly bay in the east. Smith’s North is a diverse constituency and I plan to canvass, and if elected, represent all members.

Today, I want to pledge my commitment to Bermuda and the residents of Smith’s North. I believe together we can build a better and stronger Bermuda for everyone. I look forward to meeting the people on their doorsteps and listen to their personal stories. To the people of Smith’s North and all of Bermuda, I hope to earn your confidence and your trust and I’m certain I will learn much from you along this journey.
Thank you.

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OBA Allergic to Both Facts and the Economic Pain felt by most Bermudians

OBA Allergic to Both Facts and the Economic Pain felt by most Bermudians

It seems as if Bob Richards and the minority OBA Government are both ignoring the facts and economic pain felt by many Bermudians.

Bob Richards is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts. The fact is that in the third and fourth quarter of 2016, GDP fell by 1.8% and 2.4% respectively. A recession is defined by two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. Bermuda’s economy has re-entered a recession and Bob Richards cannot redefine the laws of economics.

Bermuda can do better than it's doing under the OBA.

Under the OBA, the divide between the two Bermudas is increasing. The Minister’s disconnect from the economic reality that most Bermudians are feeling could be that in the OBA's Bermuda, things are going well and the haves are getting ahead. But, in the rest of Bermuda, Bermudians are struggling to find work as Bermudian jobs disappear, falling behind due to the ever-increasing cost of living, and they are fearful of a future that could include the OBA bringing back Pathways to Status.

If the OBA government cannot even realise that the economy is not working for the majority of Bermudians, how can they be trusted to build an economy that works for you?

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PLP Press Conference Remarks



Bermuda is once again in recession under the OBA leadership and all those worrying about Bermuda's economy are justified in their concern.

Too many in our country - especially our young people - are worried that they or someone close to them is going to lose their job. Those are reasonable concerns when 120 jobs were lost by Bermudian hotel employees, whilst 59 work permit holders were hired in the same industry in the last year.

When we learn that there is a recession, it comes as no surprise to those of us who experience all facets of Bermuda. But, what is telling is that it is a surprise for others. It is with genuine shock that many OBA supporters learned that we're in recession because they and their Bermuda are just not feeling it. But, our Bermuda is.

The reason that so many in our community are shocked by the numbers is simple - too many don't understand that there are two Bermudas. There is one Bermuda where the wealthy are doing well, and their wealth continues to grow. But, there is another Bermuda that is not sharing in their wealth and success. That's because this system isn't set up to work for all Bermudians - only a select few.

During canvassing, I hear the same story being told time and time again, stories of Bermudians who either can’t find jobs, despite having the right credentials, or losing the job they did have, despite hard work and commitment. Those who have work are struggling to keep up as their wages are not keeping up with the high cost of living and they are having trouble supporting their families. It’s painful to hear the story of a 35-year-old father of two who is a manager, but cannot afford a place of his own for his family, but these are the stories we hear all the time on the doorstep.

Despite all the OBA's promises of prosperity, today Bermudians are still losing jobs and are falling further and further behind. The OBA doesn’t have a plan to fix the status quo, doesn’t have a plan to stem the tide of Bermudians leaving the Island. they seem comfortable in the system that continues to fail Bermudians.

The PLP offers an alternative, and Agenda for Growth that makes our system fairer, provides more opportunity, and ensures that Bermuda does better than it is doing right now under the OBA.


The OBA were championed as astute businessmen and campaigned on the promise that they could take Bermuda out of recession and stimulate new jobs. In fact, they promised 2000 jobs, and this has not happened.

So, yes, Bermuda has fallen back into recession.

And yes, the OBA not only failed to create 2,000 new Bermudian jobs as they promised, but nearly 2,000 jobs have been lost, and, the debt has increased from $1.2 billion to $2.4 billion in just four short years. These are the facts. Too many Bermudians are hurting and we can and must do better than what the OBA has to offer.

The solutions the OBA offer to our economic woes are bills like Pathways to Status, which, they will surely pass if they are re-elected. Pathways to Status is not a solution for our economic condition - but, it is an attack on the core of who we are as Bermudians - our national identity is truly at stake in the next election. Bipartisan immigration reform is the only way we can preserve this identity, while ensuring stability for our economy and the business community.

The Progressive Labour Party offers an alternative, that is no just quick fixes and gimmicks like Pathways to status, or temporary stimulus like the America’s Cup. Since we have been in opposition we have spoken about the urgent need to focus on the Diversification of our Economy. We have a long-term plan and vision that will diversify our economy and create jobs here in Bermuda for Bermudians.

We have offered solutions of Tax Reform that will make our economy more competitive and incentivize job creation in Bermuda and not reward companies from shipping jobs overseas.

We have offered solutions such of the Economic Diversification unit and the Bermuda Fund which will ensure that we focus on economic diversification.

We have offered solutions for creating a sustainable future in technology be creating a technology park at Southside, where we can attract job creators to take advantage of the well-regarded Bermuda regulatory environment.

We have offered solutions for improving Public Education and investing our people via increased training and retraining to ensure the Bermudians are able to fill jobs in the new economy.

Bermuda can do better than what the OBA has delivered. When Bermudians continue to experience job losses, and our country has fallen back into recession, it is clear that we need a better plan for jobs, economic growth, and investing in Bermudians so that we can get our people back to work.

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May 2017 Edition of the Progressive Times

Please find attached the May edition of The Progressive Times

Inside this edition of our newsletter, you will find an overview of the activities of your Party including:

  • Leader MP Burt:
    • Meets with International Investment Leaders
  • MP Rolfe Commissiong: 
    • Living Wage
  • MP Kim Wilson: 
    • Community-Driven Healthcare
  • MP Jamahl Simmons: 
    • Tourism in the Spotlight
  • MP Michael Weeks: 
    • Congratulates our Athletes
  • In Solidarity: 
    • Labour Strong
  • PLP Representing:
    • RIMS Annual Conference
  • In the Community
  • On the Doorstep with the Party Organizer 
  • Proud History - Strong Foundation:
    • Alaska Hall
  • Highlighting our Branches:
    • Western Branches
  • Tribute: 
    • Henry Appleby Talbot
  • Test your PLP Knowledge
  • Central Committee: 
    • Observances
  • Calendar of Events

To ensure that our  newsletter grows from strength to strength, I encourage members to provide input and very much welcome your suggestions & feedback.

Download and view your copy of the May Newsletter here! 

In solidarity,

Lauren Hayward-Bell

Secretary General

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April 2017 Edition of the Progressive Times

Good Day,

To ensure that our newsletter grows from strength to strength, I encourage members to provide input and very much welcome your suggestions and feedback.

In Solidarity,
Lauren Hayward-Bell
Secretary General

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PLP Press Release: Congratulations to our Athletes!

Congratulations to Bermuda's Carifta Athletes Statement by Shadow Minister of Community, Youth & Sports Development Michael Weeks JP, MP

Monday, 17 April 2017


Congratulations to Bermuda's Carifta Athletes Statement by Shadow Minister of Community, Youth & Sports Development Michael Weeks JP, MP

The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party congratulates our Carifta athletes on their impressive performances at the Carifta Games. With gold, silver and bronze medals all captured by the island's participants this past weekend, first class athletes clearly exist among our young people and we are very proud of their accomplishments.
The PLP is heartened by the international sporting accomplishments of our young men and women and we believe it is important that we invest in the hopes and dreams of the next generation by providing sufficient resources to advance their skills.

In the track and field events hosted in Curacao, Bermuda's athletic stars brought home 2 Bronze medals. We greatly admire High jumper Sakari Famous, who continued her remarkable streak of medaling at every Carifta Games she has participated in. Tiara Derosa is to be congratulated for not only taking home the Bronze medal in the under-20 Discus, but breaking her own Bermuda Record of 45.02m she set in January 2016.
The record-breaking continued with personal bests recorded by Bermudian participants, Johndell Cumberbatch, Ryan Outerbridge, Deneo Brangman, Lejuan Matthews and Aaron Jacobs. Their commitment to their goals and achievement of them provides much cause for admiration.

We are also incredibly proud of the performance by the Bermuda Carifta Swimming Team, who hauled an astonishing 19 medals this weekend in the Bahamas. Gold medal performances by Payton Zelkin (along with a new Carifta swimming record), Sam Williamson, Jesse Washington, Elan Daley and the 11-12 girls relay team prove Bermuda to be quite the force in the Carifta Swimming Championships.
Silver and Bronze medals were also earned by Logan Watson Brown, Taylor White Jessica Bruton and Madelyn Moore and we anticipate great things from these swimmers in future years as they continue their training and development.

We congratulate all our participating athletes in the Bermuda contingent. You represented yourselves and Bermuda well.

The PLP believes that athletics can unlock the doors to many opportunities and our message to our athletes is to keep striving. To encourage young athletes along the way, the next PLP government will implement our Vision 2025 plan to create a local lottery to benefit sports development on the island. This lottery dedicated to sports funding will be implemented within the first two years of a Progressive Labour Party government term to provide greater opportunities for advancement for both current and potential competitors.

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New PLP Newsletter

On Friday March 17, the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party released its March 2017 newsletter entitled the Progressive Times. Read and download the newsletter here.
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The People's Budget

Party Leader David Burt, delivered Vision 2025: The People's Budget. The official reply to the Throne Speech outlines the PLP's budget priorities.  Read the full response here.

PLP Leader delivered VISION 2025:The People's Budget  the PLP's reply to the 2017/18 Budget. In that response he outlined the PLP's plans to grow the Bermuda economy and create jobs. Key themese included reducing inequality, a Tax Reform Commission, Economic Diversification Unit and Bermuda Fund. There are also specific proposals for a Technology Incubator at Southside and the creation of Social Enterprise legislation. 

To read more aboout the PLP's vision for Bermuda Future visit

The full document is available for download here. If you have feedback, MP David Burt can be contacted on


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