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Take Action

Stand Up, PLP! Your party needs you. Join our grassroots movement to ensure that our shared progressive values continue to be represented in government. Get involved today and help the PLP win. PLP all the way!

Become a Member

Join the Progressive Labour Party by becoming an official party member. Party membership entitles you to officially join your branch and have a say in official party business. Join today! »


The PLP needs you to get involved in your party. We need each and every Bermudian to join us in our quest to continue building a prosperous and fair nation that works for people. Get involved today and help the PLP win big! GO! »


The PLP represents Bermuda's hardworking families. We're the party of the people and we rely on people like you to give our party the resources we need. Please, make an investment in Bermuda's future by contributing today. GO! »

Spread the Word

Help us get the word out about the PLP and our good work. Send an email to your friends and family telling them about our accomplishments and why you support the PLP. Encourage them to get involved with our party. GO! »

Endorse the PLP

Will you be voting PLP in the next general election? Tell us! Please, pledge your support for the PLP. GO! »

Get Text Message Updates

Stay up-to-the-minute with all the latest news, information and opportunities for action from the PLP. Sign up to receive text message updates and we'll keep you in the know! GO! »

Attend an Event

All across Bermuda, PLP members are getting together and organising in support of a party that puts the Bermudian people first. Check out our events calendar and RSVP for an upcoming event! GO! »

Voter Registration

Find out if you're registered. Find your constituency. And, get registered. Now is the time to register to vote. GO! »