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Lovitta Foggo, JP, MP

Lovitta Foggo

Lovitta Foggo

Member of Parliament
St. David's
Constituency #3



Lovitta Foggo has been a resident of St. David's for over twenty years. She attended East End Primary School, The Berkeley Institute, and Northeastern University, achieving her undergraduate degree in Biology and in Education in 1982.

She is an educator; having taught at St. George Secondary, Whitney Institute, CedarBridge Academy, the Community School and the Prison Farm. She was a Biology teacher at The Berkeley Institute when elected as a Member of Parliament in 2007. Her long term service in education provided the opportunity for her to forge many relationships with a large segment of her constituents.

Passionate about politics, MP Foggo, has taken the view that, at this stage of her life, she better serves her community as its political ambassador. MP Foggo pledged to work diligently and arduously to address the concerns of St. David's residents and continues to do so, as evidenced by her continuous weekly canvassing, and monthly clinics throughout the years and the many accomplishments in her constituency on behalf of the residents. She strives hard to effect change for her constituents when such is for the benefit of the people, community and/or Bermuda.

MP Foggo was a key force behind the building of the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre at Southside. She served on the St. George Parish Council as Chairman of the Scholarship Sub-Committee and as Treasurer, and as Deputy Chair of both CedarBridge Academy and the Education Appeals Board.  Now she sits on the Child Care Placement Board, the National Training Board and is the Chairman of the Public Service Vehicles Licensing Board. In Parliament she serves on the Public Accounts Committee, the Private Bills Committee, the Audit Committee, the committee responsible for overseeing the Standing Orders for parliamentarians, the Regulations Committee and is a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association executive member of the Bermuda Branch. Added to these responsibilities MP Foggo served on the Joint Select Committees for Education and Guns and Violent Crimes. These committees were responsible for investigating the recommendations of the 'Hopkin's Report' and the impact of guns and violent crimes in the community respectively.

MP Foggo is the Shadow Minister for Education and Opposition Whip, a position which requires ensuring Government's success with legislation brought to the Lower House. In fact, she is the first female Chief Whip in the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association group of the Caribbean and Atlantic Region, a great historical feat.  Ever trying to ensure that her participation and input on legislative matters is impeccable, MP Foggo has completed a Master's degree in Public Administration and Development from the University of Birmingham in the UK (2010). She believes this pursuit has greatly enhanced her understanding of democracy, good governance, the Civil Service and the importance of active participation of civil society, and how each entity does and should interrelate. She firmly believes her role as a politician and parliamentarian is to be her brother's keeper.  She is guided by the motto from Mahatma Gandhi who said "Be the change you seek".  

MP Foggo is the proud mother of two daughters, Amne & Zayna Foggo-Osseyran and the grandmother of Ari & Ayr Cannonier.