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Walton Brown, JP, MP

Walton Brown

Walton Brown

Member of Parliament
Pembroke Central
Constituency #17


Walton Brown is a political scientist and well known social commentator and analyst.

He taught politics and history for twelve years at Bermuda College and later entered the private sector full time as founder and president of Research Innovations. Mr. Brown has a keen understanding of the social and economic conditions on the island and its place in the global arena. He is a life-long resident of Pembroke and is sensitive to the needs of the community.

Walton was taught the importance of education and given passion for our country by his parents, Walton Brown Sr. and Barbara Brown and his paternal grandfather W G Brown. Mr. Brown is an alumnus of West Pembroke School, The Berkeley Institute and Bermuda College.

Walton earned his Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Political Studies from Queen's University and his Masters Degree in Political Science from York University, both in Canada. He has authored many academic papers and published extensively in academic and mainstream media; he has also made numerous presentations at conferences throughout Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. Mr. Brown recently published his first book, "Bermuda and the Struggle for Reform: Race, Politics and Ideology, 1944-1998" which provides tremendous insight into the making of modern Bermuda.

As your candidate, Walton is committed to addressing the concerns you raise in the constituency: issues with BELCO, drug activity, road safety issues, security for seniors and others that you will share with him. He pledges to listen attentively and to respond to your concerns. His pledge is to be available for you and, living on the boundary of the constituency, will in the area daily.

Walton is Chairman of the Bermuda College Board of Governors, a member of the Permanent Arbitration Tribunal, weekly columnist for The Royal Gazette and radio host of Bermuda Speaks. He is a former expert regional advisor to the United Nations Decolonisation Committee (1990-2005).

Mr Brown is the proud father of three sons: Jarrod, Taryq and Dominic.